Friday, October 21, 2016


copyright is the law that grants the original creator the rights to their own work. Their work also has the right to be used an distributed with the copyright law included. The copyright law covers computer software, musical works, dramatic works, pictorial/sculptor work, motion pictures, sound recording and architectural work. Copyrights do not last forever the start from the moment it is created and end 70 years after the authors death. This law is important in today's world because anyone could take credit for anything or someone else work. People think they can get away with anything on the internet but its actually easier to get in trouble with copyright through the internet. In today world many people just take other peoples work and use it sometimes even famous people get in trouble for it... I think its good we have this law and that it ends 70 years after the person is dead. I don't think we should ever get ride of this law because its very helpful. The copyright law should be enforced constantly because its really important especially over the internet because people can just copy and paste.

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