Thursday, October 13, 2016

After watching the "Did You Know?" video I was so surprised that by the time incoming college freshman are juniors all the material they learned will be outdated. I found this surprising because its so quick, our world is learning new ways to do everything so fast its almost scary. If I didn't own an Iphone I wouldn't know half of what I know today. I have gotten so used to always having technology when I need it, and if I didn't with me I feel lost and out of touch with everyone. I got my first smart phone when I was in 7th grade and before that my mom had one, I have gotten so used to it and almost know how to everything I need to. At some point I expect cars to be able to drive themselves which is scary and I dont think I like that,but I expect it to happen. Eventually everything will be done through technology before we know it we wont even have to go to work anymore we will do it all at home and through technology. Our kids are gong to be born and already know how to use an Iphone its crazy to think about but with all the new inventions you never really know what to expect in the future. On one of the slides in the video it showed a picture of some sort of drone/aircraft flying through a city but I doubt in the future that will be our way of transportation, I hope we will still have cars when I am older. This video made me open my eyes to so much more and realize how many people are on this planet, and how many ideas are tossed around between everyone.

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