Thursday, June 14, 2018

Final Website Reflection

When designing my final website I knew I wanted to create a page that look professional but also something that was fun to make and not too complicated or stressful. To start off the process I decided on a color theme, which changed many times throughout the project but for the most part I had an idea of what my website would look like. I then created my title of the company and made a logo to go along with the website. I decided to do a hair salon because it was an idea no one else in the class had thought of and I love getting my hair done so it was interesting to me. After deciding on all the basic information I started choosing the layout and main pages I would have. The one issue I had was trying to incorporate the logo colors into my background but that didn't work so I kept trying to find colors that would look okay with it and ended up going with a very plain white and grey color theme because nothing else was appealing to the eye. With this project I used a lot of the skills I have learned this year and they were actually not that hard to work with. Although I did not incorporate everything I have used this year, I still tried to add in details that would show what I have learned. Overall I feel like I did a way better job on this project than I did with the biography, and I am very happy with how my final turned out!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

biography project

When i was designing my bio project I took a long time to decide who I was going to do my project on. Some problems I encountered during my the creation of this were, I had a hard time formatting my website exactly how I wanted it to look and figuring out how to use certain tools. I solved this problem because I was able to look back at certain lessons from the past and base my bio off of the features I used in those. I used my basic knowledge to figure out what to put on my website and make the appearance of it look good. To me the best part of my project is the facts page because I think I did a good job styling it and also all around I think I did a good job on the theme because I worked really hard to tie all the colors together and make it look neat. I am proud of my whole project because a couple months ago I had no idea how much work was put into websites and I feel good that I accomplished something so complex. I think this project was a good way to get used to coding and it was good practice if I ever have to do this again in my life.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Leading lines

The leading lines in the picture are the horizon like and the line of the sand. The focal point of the picture in the sun because the lines are leading up to it to make it the part of the picture that stands out. There are many other lines in this picture that could be comsidered leading lines but those are the most noticeable.